Boost your profitability by cutting down on logistics and manufacturing expenses

Why this product?​

As it’s well known, pallet transportation costs are high due to their volume, as well as their manufacturing. However, our product, being collapsible and consisting of two basic pieces that easily fit together, saves a significant amount of money both in transportation and manufacturing. Additionally, unlike traditional pallets, replacing a broken piece is simple and cost-effective.

No tools or specialized knowledge are required for assembling or disassembling the pallet.
So far, we’ve manufactured the product using recycled plastic, which is not only environmentally friendly but also more hygienic.

This invention effectively addresses the current drawbacks!

Discover this fantastic solution

The patent is based on a structure consisting of only two basic pieces, capable of being assembled and disassembled indefinitely, resulting in a pallet. These two basic pieces, multiplied in number and arranged in a specific position (longitudinally and transversely), are assembled into a sturdy structure without requiring any additional connecting elements.

Product advantages

This product clearly distinguishes itself from any other known in the market so far.

Ease of use.

The product stands out for its ease of assembly and disassembly, as it does not require specialized knowledge or tools.

Reduced cost.

Since the product consists essentially of two pieces that fit together, the savings in manufacturing costs are significant. Additionally, the cost of pallet transportation is significantly reduced.

A global market.

As it’s evident, the market for this type of product is global, as it’s used daily and is a necessity to be covered by almost every economic sector, which would facilitate expanding the business internationally.

Internationally patented innovation.

The invention is protected by industrial property rights, such as patents EP2947023B1, ES201330046, ES201331602, and P201730799. It was awarded as the best Spanish invention in 2015 and received the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

Business opportunity

We have opened a call for investors, companies, or manufacturers interested in betting on this project with high profit potential.

Whether you want to purchase the patent, obtain a license, or assist in launching the product to market, we invite you to an online meeting to discuss the matter.

Join this high-profit project!

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